Class Info & Policies

Please review our class policies before enrolling in a class.

Class Location

We hold group training classes in three locations at our Mission Campus!

  • The Multi-Purpose Room at 243 Alabama Street (at 16th Street) 
  • The Training Annex at 251 Alabama Street (at 16th Street)
  • The Training Loft in the Geraldi Building, located off of the 250 Florida Street parking lot (at 16th Street)

Training rooms have flooring designed for the comfort of dogs and people. The rooms are handicap accessible. Free street parking or lot parking is available for all classes. 

Class Structure

Most classes are one-hour sessions held weekly.

Some classes include a mandatory humans-only orientation as the first meeting; in others, you and your dog begin training during the first class. Students are welcome to attend a New Dog 101, which is free, before starting our introductory classes.

What to Bring

  1. Dog (check class description to see if dog is brought to first class)
    1. Exercise and relieve your dog prior to class
    2. If class time is near dog’s mealtime, feed only 1/2 meal and bring a hungry dog to class
  2. Edible and toy treats
    1. Soft, small, high-value dog treats work best, or ideally cut up small pieces of real meat, such as chicken or steak. Check with your vet before trying any new treats.
    2. Small toys (plush, tug or other) if your dog enjoys them as a reward​
  3. Equipment
    1. Four to six-foot leash (leather or nylon)   - No flexi or retractable leashes, please
    2. Flat collar (buckle or clip)  - No prong, choke or shock collars, please
    3. Humane walking equipment such as a front attachment harness or head collar – (optional)
  4. Vaccinations
    1. Proof of rabies for all classes other than Puppy Manners and Adolescent Manners
    2. Proof of current DHLPP/DH2PP vaccine for all adult classes
    3. Proof of at least 2 DHLPP/DH2PP vaccines for puppy classes
  5. Optional (May be required by individual instructors. Please check any emails you receive from the instructor before class for details.)
    1. Mat for dog to lie on
    2. Chew bone for quiet time (only if easy to take away)


Class Policies


Discounts for Animals Adopted from a Shelter or Rescue Group

We offer a discount on almost all classes for dogs adopted from animal shelters or rescue groups. We may ask for proof of adoption at your first class.  You will see the option to select your rescue discount when registering online. 



Class sizes are limited, and classes fill up quickly! You must register in advance for all classes by completing a registration online. You can also register over the phone by calling 415.522.3509 or in person by visiting one of our adoption centers. For our group training classes, all prices are per dog. Any human members of the household are welcome to attend with their dog. Please see below for our notes on children in class. 


Payment, Cancellations, Refunds and Transfers

Payment is required at time of enrollment. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, personal checks and cash. There is a $15 fee for all returned checks.

Class refunds or class transfers can be accommodated if we are notified at least two days before the first class session.  

If, within the first three classes of a series, a dog is unable to attend the remainder of the series due to a canine injury or illness, you may receive a 50% credit toward a future class. No credits, transfers or refunds will be provided due to owner health issues or scheduling conflicts or any other reason after a class series has begun. 

Playgroup refunds or transfers are not available with less than 24 hours notice for any reason.

For adopters who are required to provide proof of class registration at San Francisco Animal Care and Control in order to adopt, no refunds will be provided.


Makeups / Attendance / Missed Classes

New students will not be able to join a class after the first session has taken place.

If you miss a session, please contact the trainer to discuss what was covered/have your homework emailed to you. 

Make-up classes are not offered, although students may audit (attend without their dog) another instructor's equivalent week class of a missed class, if pre-arranged via the Dog Training Program Manager.


Declines and Referrals

We reserve the right to decline entry to any dog who presents behavior issues that may be dangerous, disruptive or that may be exacerbated by participation in a group class. If behavior issues are discovered during the class and the trainer determines that it is in everyone's best interest for you to seek a private trainer, you will be provided with a qualified trainer referral and a refund.


Class Series Cancellations

If the minimum enrollment for a class is not met prior to the first session, the class will be cancelled. We will notify you at least one day before the class is scheduled to begin to see if you would like to enroll in an alternate class, receive credit toward a future class or receive a full refund.


Unaltered Animals

We welcome all friendly dogs, whether they are altered or not. However, female dogs in their estrus cycle may not come to class. If your female begins her cycle during the course of the class, no refund will be given. The only exception to this is the Reactive Rover class where dogs over two years of age must be altered in order to attend class. 


Aversive Equipment

The SF SPCA uses solely positive-reinforcement based methods for training.  These methods are based on the latest science of animal learning and behavior, and have the added benefit of being the most effective, most humane and most fun way to train!  We will encourage our students to use humane walking and training equipment, including head harnesses, front-buckle harnesses, and flat collars.  Prong collars, choke collars and shock collars are not permitted in SF SPCA training classes.  If you attend class with one of these devices on your dog, you will be asked to swap it out for a humane collar in order to remain in the class. 


Children in Class

Children and other family members are welcome to attend our classes. Please review our guidelines:

  • Children must remain seated with their parents and under parental control at all times.
  • Parents must supervise their children during the entire class. For children under 18, an adult must be present for the duration of each class.
  • There is no running and yelling in the classroom.
  • Explain to your children that all dogs are not socialized, friendly or comfortable around children. They should not approach or pet the other dogs in class.


Phone: 415.522.3509